Measuring Your Male Enlargement Success

Taking male enhancement pills or using other products can bring you a number of benefits. If you’re serious about improving your sexual health and you want to increase your size and/or your performance, you’ll need to know how to measure your success. With all the different pills, lotions, and exercises available, you want to make sure you’re directing your resources towards something that works. Every man will respond a little differently to each plan for penis enlargement or pill that promises to improve sexual performance. You might have to try several things and figure out what is providing you with the best results. Know how to measure those results.

Measuring Size Increases

When male enlargement is your primary goal, it’s easy enough to measure your size before taking pills and products, and comparing that to your measurements after you have taken those products. Just remember that this isn’t as simple as comparing numbers. While many of the pills, supplements, and other products that you take to enjoy a larger penis will make your sexual organ bigger, the results may only be temporary. There’s little you can do, short of surgery, to ensure that you have a permanently larger penis.

Instead of physically altering the composition of your body, penis enlargement products will help you achieve a larger size for a temporary period of time. Blood flow is increased to the organ, which gives it the look and feel of something bigger. You’ll need to get the timing right so you can be sure that your penis will be bigger when it needs to be. Measure those moments so you can get an idea of whether or not you’re growing in size enough that your expectations are met. Any increase is a good increase, remember. Keep your expectations reasonable.

Measuring Performance Benefits

Measuring performance should be easy as well. If you’re able to have sex for a longer period of time, or if you can stay hard longer to prolong your partner’s pleasure, or delay ejaculation, you know your enhancement products are working. When the goal is to be a better lover, you will know if you’re accomplishing that. Keep the lines of communication open with your partner so you know if there is a difference in the way you are able to perform. Duration and stamina are your key indicators here, but pleasure should also be included.

Better Pleasure for You and Your Partner

The final way to measure your success, then, is by determining whether you enjoy sex more when you’re taking enlargement pills or enhancement products. If they work the way they should, you ought to enjoy sex more. The additional blood flow to your penis should increase your ability to have an orgasm, and the additional stamina and the larger and harder organ should better serve your partner. Satisfaction can be tricky to measure, but you can pay special attention to the physical cues from your partner and notice what kind of orgasms you’re able to achieve. Make sure you talk about what’s working and what’s not. That intimate communication will help you determine whether it’s the enhancement and enlargement products that are contributing to better sex.

Knowing what works and what doesn’t work is crucial to maximizing the success of your sexual improvements. Whether you’re working with pills or pumps or other products that promise to deliver, you need to hold them accountable to your standards. No one product is going to be magical or perfect. However, when you pay for something, you expect it to make a difference. Measure your success, and change course if you need to redirect your resources.